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What is the difference between a commercial flight and a charter flight?

The main difference is a commercial flight sells seats on a plane and a charter flight is a private jet that is reserved by an individual or group.

Charter planes are more costly than commercial flights thanks to several conveniences and advantages. You can reserve a charter flight by the hour, either with a phone call or online.

By choosing a commercial flight, you’ll probably get a lower price. However, you give up comfort and time. This makes justifying the cost of traveling on a charter plane simple.


If you’re seeking a cost-effective way to fly, chartering a whole aircraft instead of paying for a seat can be pricey. If you’re thinking about booking a charter plane, ask a private jet company about empty-leg flights. These very discounted flights are an excellent choice for travelers who don’t have a schedule.


When you fly with an airplane, you must go through the airport, stand in long lines, stopping at different checkpoints before getting to your gate. If you’re traveling internationally, you need to get to the airport to check in several hours before your flight departs.

When you charter a plane, you skip the airport maze. All you need to do is go to the FBO, check in and get on your aircraft. You also get to pick the airport that’s near your destination, saving you time and money on your airport transportation cost.


Business travelers prefer private planes since you can perform last-minute changes to your flight schedule. Moreover, unlike commercial planes, you don’t have to stick to an itinerary. You can change your travel plans at any time.

A charter plane offers an experience unlike any else. The agent can reserve your ground transportation to your lodging. Other benefits of chartering a private plan:

  • You can travel with your pets
  • You reserve your charter plane by the hour, making it quite affordable
  • You can take as much luggage as necessary on board
  • You can ask for your favorite snacks or gadgets on your plane


When you fly a commercial airline, your comfort is contingent on the number of people on the flight. With a charter flight, the plane you choose is completely at your disposal. You have way more wiggle room in the cabin, a vast selection of excellent beverages, and food, as well as a space to relax or work. Many private planes come with spacious luggage compartments and ultra-comfortable seats.


While commercial planes, like private jets, must follow FAA regulations, charter planes are assessed on several factors, go through routine maintenance inspections, and include crew experience/certification. These facts play a critical role in evaluating the safety of a private plane vs. a commercial plane.

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