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Flying privately has a multitude of advantages – from not having to worry about plowing through security, to the relaxation of not having to deal with a jam packed flight. You can take your whole group onto one aircraft and share the experience of flying together in luxury and privacy. In Colorado, pets are a common addition to most families, and many people want to bring their dogs or cats along with them when flying privately.

It’s not uncommon for a private jet company to allow pets on their flights, but there are some guidelines that must be followed and a number of factors to consider. It’s important to check with the provider to see what their stipulations are for allowing pets on board – and if there’s additional costs.


One of the biggest points to consider will be your pet. You might not be able to bring your three horses onto a private plan, but smaller pets like cats and dogs are usually more easily accommodated. However, that can also depend on the size of the dog. Some private jet companies might not allow larger breeds. Well-behaved pets are also more likely to be welcome. Aggressive pets, and animals that are overly anxious, might not be suitable for air travel. If your dog is also untrained or unpredictable, they might also not be welcome on a private flight.

Private jet companies that allow pets may require them to remain in appropriate carriers throughout the duration of the flight. These carriers should be large enough for your pet to be comfortable – where it can stand up, lie down, and even turn around comfortable. It’s important to check out the regulations and requirements of the company providing the private aircraft to understand their particular rules.


While the size of your pet is one consideration, it’s also important to consider the size of the aircraft. Smaller private jets typically don’t have a lot of space, and may have restrictions as to the types of pets that can be brought on board – or if pets are allowed at all. There might be additional fees for bringing pets on board, as well, and these fees can vary widely from one private jet company to the next. It’s important to have a clear understanding of these fees, and the other rules, before bringing your pet.

International travel is another consideration. If you’re going abroad, you’ll need to understand the regulations and quarantine requirements of the destination country. Some places can leave pets in quarantine for a very long time, putting undue stress on the animal. There might be other requirements at domestic airports, as well.

It’s crucial to discuss your pet’s travel needs with the private jet company, as well as what their requirements are. Understanding these beforehand will ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both you and your pet. Clear communication is essential, as considerations have to be made on a number of fronts. For more information, reach out to the experts at International Jet today.