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What are the benefits of using aircraft management services?

Owning a private jet comes with a lot of extra baggage that can turn into a headache for some. Aircraft management services offer an alternative for those with their own private aircraft, and these services can help streamline your operation – and ownership – of the aircraft.

Utilizing aircraft management services can help save you money, and puts your aircraft in the hands of a team of experienced professionals that understand everything from maintenance to compliance with all regulations. There’s a busy lifestyle that goes on with owning a private aircraft, so it shouldn’t be a pain to keep up with managing it, and that’s where the right professionals can make things much easier.


Two of the biggest benefits of using aircraft management services are the cost savings and the time savings. These companies can often negotiate favorable rates for things like fuel, crew training, maintenance, and even insurance. Aircraft management services have connections all throughout the industry, and can generally get deals on bulk purchases.

Managing an aircraft can be a time-consuming endeavor, and there is a ton of administrative work that goes along with ownership. These companies can handle a lot of these tasks, which allows the aircraft owners to focus on their other priorities. One of the biggest benefits on the administrative side is that aircraft management services are well-versed in all of the safety regulations and guidelines. This will not only save you time on maintaining compliance, but it also takes away the worry and fear of not staying up to date with regulatory issues.


You want your aircraft management service to be an open book when it comes to communication. The right fit should give you regular reports covering ongoing maintenance and other things going on with your aircraft. This two-way communication is vital, and the service you select should make you the priority. Make sure they’re willing to work with your schedule, as some services even offer a flight coordinator that’s on duty 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about scheduling issues.

The service will also oversee the aspects of maintenance and repairs, and should be forward with the information to keep you up to date on your aircraft. They generally offer access to fully-trained flight crews, which will also be compliant with all the necessary regulations. With the open and transparent communication, many aircraft management services will be open to tailoring your experience to your specific needs – giving you the peace of mind and convenience that should go along with owning a private aircraft.

There’s a lot that goes into owning a personal plane, and there can be a lot of headaches that accompany it. Trusting an aircraft management service can smooth out many of the details, allowing you to maximize the convenience and value of owning your own personal aircraft. If you currently own – or are planning to purchase – a private aircraft, reach out to the experts at International Jet to find out more today.