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Flying in a private jet offers many benefits. From the privacy of your own personal plane to the efficiency of skipping all the hassles of the airport, it’s a popular way to travel. However, there are even more services offered by private jet companies that can enhance your experience in the air, as well as before or after you take to the skies.

Many people feel like the services end when the plane hits the tarmac and the clients disembark. Using the right private jet company can also deliver many amenities that can be specialized for your traveling party. This can not only enhance the overall travel experience for clients by making the entire process run smoothly.


If you’re flying with a private jet company, odds are you want a stress-free experience. Not only can they take the hassles out of flying commercially, but those companies can also make things easier on the ground. Many will offer car services for ground transportation once you reach your destination, and this personalized transportation usually takes you where you need to go on your own personal schedule.

This type of attention to detail with the transportation can be especially helpful when you’re going to busy places like mountain and ski resorts, or if you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been before. Concierge services can also include recommendations to restaurants, no matter what city you may live in. This will help take some of the stress out of traveling those unfamiliar places – making sure you get from departure to destination seamlessly.


While private jet companies can generally help you get to the right place once you land, they can also make for a great experience during your travel time. Many of these companies will offer catering services. This service generally comes with a wide variety of options to fulfill the needs of all the passengers on your trip. The private jet company will have a few select providers to choose from, and will be able to provide a full menu.

Of course, you can always bring your own personalized food items, and light snacks are generally served in flight. However, if there are other things you need accommodation for, most customers can receive specialized services, as well. These can help accommodate any special needs of passengers, or they can arrange other special requests for the flight. This can include everything from special amenities, decorations, or even help accommodating on-flight entertainment. Of course, these special services are specific to each private jet company, so be sure to enquire about what’s available for your particular flight.

A lot of these amenities and range of services can change depending on the company and the package chosen, so be sure to do your homework if you have some of those special requests. Flying privately can be a great experience, and most companies will aim to deliver a luxury experience that’s also comprehensive. For more information, reach out to International Jet today.