Located at the base of three towering Rocky Mountain Peaks, Aspen, Colorado is an internationally renown resort getaway. The downtown shopping village has become a mecca for Aspen’s thriving art community. As a result, Aspen now boasts a flourishing cultural community supporting music, theater, film festivals & dining.

Aspen’s world class ski resorts, which include Aspen, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands & Buttermilk, offer a total of 5,303 skiable acres ranging from beginner to expert terrain.

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Maroon Bells twin peaks are a favorite spot for hikers and wildlife-watchers, beautiful vistas and breathtaking scenery can be found year-round. The jagged peaks and multicolored slopes make it one of the most photographed sites in North America. There are many trails and campsites in the surrounding area with a variety of viewing points from which you can capture the perfect shot, or just experience the breath-taking beauty of the region.


Renting a car in Aspen is easy, and Independence Pass makes it worthwhile. Independence Pass is one of the highest roads in North America, running along the Continental Divide over 12,095 feet above sea level. A paved hiking trail leads to a sightseeing platform where views of the Continental Divide are inspiring. There are multiple spots along the way to stop for a picnic and snap photos.


Snowmass is the largest and most popular ski area in Aspen and the ultimate destination for winter sports enthusiasts. This massive complex has 150 miles of trails, multiple lifts and a charming mountain village with a variety of shops and restaurants. The mountain caters to all levels of skiers. Snowmass also has one of the best snowboarding schools in the United States.

What people love most about Snowmass is its variety. There are runs for all types of skiers and lift lines and trails are not too crowded.


Aspen Mountain sits about three miles outside of town. The mountain first opened to skiers in 1947 It has spectacular summit views and slopes that will make even the most advanced skier’s heart race. Locals say that Aspen’s original ski mountain is the best. However, many people will tell you that this is not a mountain for beginners. They say it’s made for intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders. Of course, after skiing there is plenty to enjoy and satisfy and wet your appetite in the local restaurants and bars.


Glenwood Springs can be reached by car or bus from Aspen. Glenwood Springs offers many spots to hike and also has whitewater rafting opportunities. The town is also home to an intricate collection of caverns that are worth exploring. It’s not caves and trails that earn Glenwood Springs a good reputation among travelers in-the-know—it’s the town’s legendary hot springs. The Yampah Hot Springs, as the Native Americans called it, has been used for centuries. The hot springs pool and the bubbling pools have catered to such legendary clientele as President Theodore Roosevelt, the unsinkable Molly Brown and the notorious Al Capone.

Glenwood Caverns was named one of USA TODAY’s Best Caves. For over half a billion years, the landscape in and around Glenwood Springs, Colorado has been a hotbed of geological activity. The topography of Glenwood Canyon; the geothermal Hot Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the Yampah Vapor Caves, all owe their existence to the forces of Mother Nature and have been crafted over millions of years.

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