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It is a commonly known fact that private jets fly higher than commercial airplanes in the majority of cases, leaving some wondering what the difference is. Is it the size of these planes–or are there other factors involved? Private jets can and do often travel at higher altitudes. The reasons for this, however, might be different than you would expect.


The average private jet can fly anywhere from a few thousand feet to ten thousand feet higher than their commercial equivalents, and there are several common reasons for this. In some cases, it does come down to size, but a lot of the time, it is a choice that is made for the ease and comfort of the traveler. Flying at a higher altitude can come with some notable benefits for anyone who makes the decision to travel in a private jet.


One size-related consideration for flying at a higher altitude is the fact that the weather is generally much better at higher altitudes. For a smaller plane, this can be a very significant benefit. Lessening the likelihood that you will run into dangerous weather can help to prevent delays and keep your ride feeling more comfortable while you travel. If you are a nervous traveler, this can be a really big benefit of flying on a private jet.


Commercial airlines have planes in the air all day and night every single day. Countless people travel around the world, which means that there is a lot of traffic up in the sky at all times. This can make it difficult to create a flight plan, but the altitude does help with this. When private jets fly at a higher altitude, there is less traffic. This means that they can offer more scheduling availability.


Since private jets are smaller in size, they are easier to manage in some ways. One area where they shine is the fact that they can often ascend much faster than the average commercial airplane. This means that they can get to a higher altitude without inconveniencing the passengers aboard the plane. This tiny ability makes it easier to get up to those higher altitudes more comfortably and effectively, whereas it might be unpleasant aboard a commercial aircraft.


Flying with a private jet company allows you key advantages during travel that commercial airlines just can’t compete with, which is why more people are choosing them for travel. Everything from more privacy to faster security can make choosing a private jet an obvious choice, particularly for frequent travelers, and the list keeps growing. Before you make a plan to travel, contact your local private jet company to find out what they can do to ensure that your time spent traveling is pleasant and meets your needs. Sometimes, flying at a higher altitude can come with some huge benefits.