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Flying private is definitely a bucket list item for many travelers. What you might not know is that booking a private charter jet in Denver isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Private jets come in all shapes and sizes – and they aren’t just for the upper class. Find out more about private jet charter and whether this mode of transportation is the right fit for your lifestyle.


Private jets come in a range of possibilities. From small to large jets, travelers can always find a flight solution to fit their needs. For those needing a quick lift for a business meeting, a smaller, six-passenger jet is a good choice. Travelers looking to experience something new can indulge in a larger jet featuring more amenities and room for luggage.
Similar to commercial planes, large private jets can hold more people and typically seat up to 20 passengers. Mid-size charter flights can seat between 8 and 12 passengers and small flights seat closer to 6. Whatever your flight preferences are, there’s a private charter jet in Denver to meet your needs.


The great thing about private jet charter is that once you hire the plane, the price point will stay the same no matter how many people are on board. This makes it easy to split the price between several other passengers – whether you know them or not. A private jet charter company can even give you a heads up if there’s an extra seat available on an already chartered plane. Since seating capacity varies depending on the size and passengers, this can be an easy way to book a non-commercial flight quickly.


Seating capacity is one direct influence for flight costs. A larger plane typically provides more amenities, services, and spaciousness. These factors definitely run up the price tag. A smaller jet with fewer passengers may be more affordable, but the jet’s lack of speed might cost you in time. It can also be more affordable to book a single flight instead of a round trip. Having the crew on call for your return often results in more expenses. With all these factors, it’s best to get a direct quote from charter services so you can get a better understanding of pricing structure. Whether you’re traveling by yourself for a business trip or experiencing a one-of-a-kind vacation with friends, a private jet charter is a practical solution. There are so many benefits to flying in a private jet versus flying commercial, too. Private flights give you more options and are a more versatile choice. Find out how you can make your life easier with a private charter jet in Denver by contacting our team at International Jet.