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Taking a privately charted flight has numerous benefits, from simple conveniences to saving time to giving the passenger more flexibility. However, navigating the world of flying private can be an intimidating and daunting task to the traveler that has never done it before. Familiarizing yourself with the basics can make the process simpler and more comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you get more comfortable with the prospect of enjoying private travel.


When booking with a private jet company, one of the most vital parts is knowing the important details of your trip. Contacting the private jet chart with the desired travel dates, times, and number of passengers will help nail down their availability. Departure times and dates can change what the company might have available, and knowing how many people will be traveling with allow them to determine the correct aircraft size.

Having a comprehensive overview of your trip will also prevent any surprises from popping up later, and will allow the private jet company to more easily make adjustments should anything change. Once they know they trip details, the private charter company will more likely be able to offer multiple solutions, and tell you the benefits of each of those solutions. Having your ducks in a row early will make the process smoother for all parties involved.


A common piece of advice when traveling on commercial flights is to show up at the airport hours before your flight takes off. When traveling private, it’s not necessary to show up that early, but you should still get to the terminal with a little time to spare before the scheduled departure time. At some airports, you might only need 10-20 minutes to board your aircraft – so knowing the processes at your particular airport of departure is a must.

Coordinating your arrival time with the crew is necessary because they’ll be able to get you the information of what’s happening at the airport. Your crew will be talking with the air traffic control tower, and if they are kept abreast of your schedule, it will make it much easier for them to make sure your flight departs without delay.


Once the client has worked out their solution for private travel with the private jet company, there will be a charter agreement drafted that includes cancellation terms. It’s important to review all of the terms and conditions in the private travel agreement so that there aren’t any fees that feel like a surprise. After those terms and conditions are agreed upon, and preferences for your private flight are established, all that’s left is to show up on the day of departure – and enjoy the relaxation and security of your private flight.

Flying private can be a fantastic alternative to the stress and anxiety of commercial flights. Learning the ins and outs of private travel might seem daunting, but getting the information beforehand can help ease some of those concerns. For more information on the ins and outs of private travel, contact the experts at International Jet today.