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Aircraft management services are a highly beneficial option when it comes to private jet ownership and operation. There are a few different ways to pursue management services for your aircraft, however, and it’s essential to find the right option that works for your lifestyle and needs.

Review the following ways to manage an aircraft, as well as the many benefits that professional aircraft management services provide, before making your choice.


When it comes to private aircraft management, there are two different ways you can go about it. You can choose to self-manage your private jet or hire professional aircraft management services. If you go the professional route, you can also choose between Turnkey or Charter services. Both of these options have pros and cons depending on your specific aircraft and flying needs. Let’s take a more in-depth look below.

Turnkey. Turnkey aircraft services offer a complete management package for your private jet. The company will not only store your aircraft in a private, secure facility, but handle all day-to-day management duties. This includes hiring flight personnel and security members, handling their training, certifications, and payroll, scheduling aircraft maintenance and repair, arranging your flight details, plus any bookkeeping or filing management. Essentially, Turnkey management services allow you to work with one entity and keep everything organized in one place.

Charter. Similar to Turnkey, Charter management services enlist the help of a professional jet management company. With this type of management service, you allow the company to charter your aircraft for flights when you’re not using it. This helps generate passive income and cover costs of private jet ownership and aircraft upkeep. The management company takes care of all charter flight details and arrangements, including performing aircraft maintenance when needed.

Self-management. Self-management is also an option for private jet owners. With this aircraft management option, you would hire out a flight crew to manage the flight details and other aspects of your aircraft. With this option, however, there’s a lot more planning and responsibility on the private jet owner. Fuel, maintenance, security, and other operating costs can really add up.


Whether you choose to self-manage or go with aircraft management services depends on your situation, aircraft, and travel needs. However, aircraft management services do offer plenty of benefits to make this option worth it. Here are just a few examples of aircraft management services offered by a professional company.

Full flight team for your private aircraft. Your aircraft will always be staffed with a highly-trained and certified flight crew ready for your next trip.

Flight coordination and scheduling around-the-clock. You’ll have a professional scheduling team at your disposal for last-minute business trips or flight plans. The best in comfort, style, logistics, and safety are implemented every trip.

Enhanced aircraft security and maintenance. Your private jet will always be safe and secure in top-of-the-line facilities. Routine inspections by certified professionals keep your private jet flying at maximum capacity.

Private terminal load-in and takeoff. Never wait in airport security lines again by taking off in your own private airport terminal. You’ll have quick and easy access to your private jet at all times.

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